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Custom framing is all about choosing the right colours and styles to suit your decor and budget. All frames are individually custom cut and assembled  by hand on our premises. This means your precious pieces never have to leave our site. The finished product is of high quality and unique to your framing requirements.
We have plenty of mouldings to choose from. Our computerised matt cutter allows for unique corner cuts and designs to give that individual touch to your framing.
We can individualise a frame to suit any project you have created yourself such as embroidery, tapestry, coin or card collections. In fact whatever you collect, Gayle's custom framing Toowoomba offers an excellent opportunity to display those collections for others to view and enjoy.

From simple framing jobs such as holiday photos right through to that prized diploma or certificate you studied hard to earn or those precious wedding memories  you want to last a lifetime. We also have artwork and posters for sale.

If hanging artwork without damaging your walls is something you like the idea of, we also stock a range of non destructive picture hanging option to suit any size frame. At Gayle's Framing Toowoomba we offer all aspects of framing and much more. Here are some more popular services we offer.

  • 1FOOTBALLPicture framing
  • Memorabilia framing
  • Canvas stretching
  • Mirror framing 
  • Football jersey framing
  • Cricket bat/ball graduation photos 
  • Diplomas
  • Degrees
  • Collectables
  • Wedding/family/holiday photos
  • Block mounting
  • Laminating
  • Poster framing
  • Award framing
  • War medals framing
  • Musical instruments
  • CD and covers
  • Baby clothes or that favourite cuddly toy
  • Ballet shoes
  • Footy boots 
  • Embroidery and tapestry specialist
  • Corporate work
  • Charity framing
  • Gift vouchers 
  • Hanging systems and installation
  • And much more! 

Here are 10 reasons why people prefer to use Gayle's Framing Services Toowoomba...

Quality Craftsmanship

Custom Framing is a specialised manufacturing industry that uses Australian and imported materials to create individual framed units for each item framed. This means that Australians are at work creating beautiful Australian made products to beautify your home or office.

This is the unique feature of Custom Framing – an industry providing YOU the customer with a personalised service to create something unique for either your home or office.

The Australian Custom Framing industry is very much individualised (there is no National Association) and for this reason alone, you need to exercise due diligence when engaging the services of a Custom Framer. 

Competent craftsmen at Gayle's Framing Toowoomba, who understand the requirements of individuality, plan and prepare their work loads to ensure each item is given individual attention as it passes through the workshop to its completion. Once completed, each item is checked to ensure it meets the requirements of the customer. Finally, the Gayle's Framing Toowoomba manufacturing process is completed within 5 working days (subject to material availability) so that customers do not have to wait too long for their work to be completed.

Large Range of Mouldings

Moulding is the material from which the frame is constructed. Most Custom Framers have "corner samples" of mouldings on their display boards that are used during the consultative process to select the most appropriate for each item framed.

Mouldings are produced in three different products – timber, synthetics and aluminium:

Timber is generally the preferred product to use as it provides a good range of colours, profile styles and a good surface on the back so that tapes can be applied to seal each completed unit from elements such as dust, dirt and insects.

Synthetic mouldings have had a chequered history, primarily because they have not always been regarded as being structurally sound, particularly for the larger units. The product has improved over recent years.

Aluminium is available in a range of colour and styles, and in some cases, it may be a viable alternative to timber. However, extra care is needed in the handling of aluminium frame units because of the material’s rigidity and such frames can not be sealed against dust, dirt and insects as timber frame units can be.


There are a number of reasons why you should use the services of a Custom Framer when considering the use of matt-boards. 

Matt-board is a paper product (comprising two outer layers that encase a core) used to separate the item being framed from the frame itself. Matt-boards come in a multitude of colours and composition, and they provide the opportunity to enhance the presentation of what is being framed. 

The other fundamental reason for using matt-boards is to stop the glass from touching the artwork. Note that where glass and artwork are allowed to be in contact, there is a good chance that the two will bond together. 

Decorative additions can be made to the matt-board such as various shapes in the matt-board corners: v-grooves cut into the surface of the matt-board or french-lines drawn on the surface thereof.

How wide should the matt-board be? There are two approaches to width:

it will be equal on all four sides of the matt-board with the width being proportionally appropriate to both the image size and the width of the frame, and

weight the bottom of the matt-board i.e. the top and sides will be equal in width while the bottom will be enlarged. This approach is probably a historic aspect of framing dating back to the eras where framed units were hung reasonably high on large walls. This had the visual effect of shortening the vision of the bottom of the matt-board, thus the creation of this "weighting of the bottom" of the matt-board.

How many matt-boards should be used? The most common would be two. The colour of the top matt-board should expand the general feeling of what is being framed while the second, or underneath matt-board, is only displayed narrowly so as to highlight a colour tone within the image.

Despite the apparent advantages of matt-boards, if you do not want to enlarge the size of what is being framed, there are products available that will separate the glass from the artwork.

Glass and/or Acrylic Covers

It is important to be aware of the various options available when selecting a covering of each item framed. Such coverings will be either a glass or acrylic product. Acrylics are lighter and do not break as easily, but they will scratch more easily.

Normally glass covering is a 2mm clear float glass, but if the finished framed unit is likely to be hung in areas where reflection is a problem, or the ultraviolet rays of light are prevalent, then a reflection control glass should be used if it is a reflection problem. There are different types available and Gayle's Framing Toowoomba uses an American product that is etched on just one side that provides better clarity. Or if the need is controlling ultraviolet light, there are different grades available - the principal two offer either a 45% or a 97% level of protection. 

Conservation Framing of Works of Value 

Conservation framing requires the application of materials and techniques that will conserve the item being framed. Valuable pieces of artwork must be able to be retrieved from their framing environment in the same condition as they were in when originally framed. 

Custom framers need to be able to advise customers on whether particular pieces of artwork require conservation framing. Always remember that the item(s) to be framed is yours and you need to fully understand the methods proposed, and that the products used in the framing process are appropriate to the value of what is to be framed.

3-D Shadow Box Framing 

One of the creative aspects of custom framing is what is known as 3-D Shadow Box Framing. The framing of individual items such as:

  • sports jerseys
  • bats and balls
  • musical instruments
  • childhood memorabilia
  • company products

These can be framed in specially constructed framed units that create a 3-D effect around the item framed. 

In addition to items framed in the traditional frame and matt-board presentation, variations can include an option for the cabinet to be opened so that the featured article can be removed if required. 

Another form of presentation is the use of an acrylic case that gives total vision from all sides of the object framed. 

Design Help 

It is important you feel comfortable when dealing with a Custom Framer. While it is a business, Gayle's Framing Toowoomba is never-the-less a place where you meet with staff experienced in working with people, just like you. 

While you may feel uneasy in a first encounter with the concept of Custom Framing, it can, and should be, a time of mutual enjoyment as you work with the staff designing unique arrangements for YOUR pieces of art.

Customer Service - Our No. 1 Priority!

This has been left till last on purpose, even though it is the most important point. Without good customer service every one of the other nine reasons becomes meaningless.

Gayle's Framing Toowoomba’s staff work with you to design the most appropriate composition of each item, and they will always display a willingness to be of service to you, the customer. We shall provide you with as much time as is necessary for you to be totally happy with what you have chosen when you leave the Showroom.

Our expertise in framing craftsmanship will create unique framing concepts and hence the combination of both craftsmanship and good customer service will be fully appreciated by YOU, our customer.

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